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However, you may have the type of content that your client watches in its entirety. how to put a channel icon, read the help . You can change the time the icon is display in the video by going to the following path: my channel / video manager / channel / corporate identity. Youtube channel corporate identity youtube channel corporate identity annotations the role of the annotation has already been written about, I can only add: annotations are shown only on pc, for mobile you ne to use tips and end screen . Analyze your traffic with youtube analytics and be from when promoting your youtube channel. Often in videos you can only find annotations like note or callout . However, if you know how to work with video at least a little, use your skills.

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Beautiful button, place it in a video, and then overlay it with an annotation frame , resulting in a bright, beautiful link. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the best solution for your content type. Hints and end screen tips in youtube have been around for a long time, but the end screen appear recently. It appears at the end of the video, lasts 5-20 seconds and can contain up to 4 active elements, with which you can: recommend a video/playlist/channel Iran Phone Number List for viewing, subscribe to the channel, go to the site / purchase goods, etc. End screens are visible when view from any type of device, even if the viewer has disabl annotations. Note, however, that if you have a long video, the user may not watch it to the end and not see the splash screen as a result.

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Read more about end screens here

Sales and further work with the youtube audience so, the user click on the treasur button and went to… Where? How to correctly implement the final stage of channel promotion and monetize traffic from youtube? There are two common EC Lists solutions. Sell immiately you can transfer the user directly to the site, for example, to the product card or section, so that he selects and buys the desir product. The option is not bad, but not everyone buys (and not immiately), and as a result, we lose many customers: they leave the site, and there is no connection with them.

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