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Subtitles subtitles, as well as descriptions for videos, are us by youtube and google when searching.Any additional view increases the rating of your video/channel. Details of working with this function can be found again in youtube help . Featur content featur content playlists when adding videos to the playlists we have already mention, the user does not go to another channel at the end of viewing, but continues to watch the next video from the playlist, also improving the ranking factors of your channel. Sections you structur the video, but you got a lot of playlists and the main one is still a hodgepodge? Meanwhile, playlists can be combin into sections, and there can be up to ten such sections.

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Section on youtube: turn on the “Overview” page view on the channel. Scroll down the main channel page. Find the add section button and click it. From the content menu, select the type of content you want to place in the section. In the “layout” menu, select the type of video layout: horizontal or list. Click done. You can read more about working Italy Phone Number List with partitions here . Now the user can easily navigate among your videos, which increases the chances not only for the desir action on his part, but also for the overall promotion of your channel on youtube.

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Your video (for example, your company logo), which  in the lower right corner in all videos: at the time you set at the end of the video throughout the entire video. Why is this ne? First, you once again remind the user that he is on your channel. secondly, when you hover over the icon while watching a video, youtube shows the number of subscribers to your channel and offers to subscribe to it. That is, you get an additional call to action, which is never EC Lists superfluous. As for when to show this icon, there is no universal recipe here: experiment with your content. The only thing is that in long videos, I would not recommend putting it at the end, since they are less watch in full than short ones.

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