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That is, the more people who watch the video from beginning to end, the better. However, do not forget about the convenience of users. In youtube, unfortunately, there is no layout option for texts, which greatly harms the “readability” of the text, and therefore we improve the perception of the text in all possible ways: paragraphs can be visually separat from each other by creating “Gaps” between them. Lists are formatt the old fashion way with dashes. We create internal navigation for videos (especially long ones). To design internal navigation, we drive in the format hour:minute:second an.

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Video and write their description. You enter a query, say, “English for beginners” in the title (you can even enter it directly) and insert the seo text into the playlist description. In the best case, we can broadcast ads to them using retargeting. Take contact a more interesting option, in which the user is transferr to the landing page and is offer, for example, a gift in exchange for an email/phone/subscription to a group in Indonesia Phone Number List social networks. Cons – no quick sales, pluses – the percentage of conversion will still be higher than in direct sales, since everyone loves gifts. But the main thing is that we do not lose the client, but establish a stable contact with him! Moreover, the process can be automat and combin with social mia promotion and mailing lists.

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Both visitors and search engines. Mia in seo videos and other mia files in wordpress affect the behavioral factor, increasing the time visitors spend on the site. In addition, they help make articles more readable by diluting large sections of text with relevant for ranking sites by search engines. Correctly filling in the attributes of EC Lists upload mia files (in conjunction with other optimization methods) can attract, albeit small, but target traffic from search engines.

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