Market segmentation what is it and why is it important?

Why waste investment and energy from your company’s marketing and sales teams, with a wide audience and generic marketing campaigns, if you can do market segmentation and make your brand have much more return, focusing on the right audience? With so many needs, challenges, preferences and criteria, it would be difficult to meet all the . Demands of the total market without a direction in offers, messages and experiences. Want to know more about it? Keep reading the article and learn everything about market segmentation, from concept to practice. Learn what it is, why it’s important, what types of segmentation are, and how to segment your brand’s market without making common mistakes. Good reading! What is market segmentation in sales? Segmenting a market, or dividing your total share into smaller groups, is a marketing strategy that allows you to create actions in a targeted way.

Segmentation helps select focused portions

Of a target market to create messages, products and services tailored to those niches. The goal is to find the ideal customer for your business. After all, society is very diverse and your product or service is not intended for all audiences. By segmenting the market, you speak to a specific group, with its own characteristics, that will be served by your business. This is done by separating your market into “slices”, based on real data about your segment and considering various researched or observed characteristics. This is a great way to leverage Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists sales and marketing strategies and jumpstart your product or service development cycles. The 4 types of market segmentation and the criteria for each of them There are many different types of market segments that can be created. Here are four main methods: Demographic behavioral.



The more targeted the greater the probability

That the target customer will be reached, as your strategy will be based on exclusive characteristics, making it possible to develop more effective.  Efforts and find opportunities in your market. 1- Demographic Demographics is one of the most widely used market segmentation methods. It works by dividing the audience based on different statistical EC Lists data, observed in a group of people. This helps when targeting a product or service to a specific demographic. Market segmentation for B2C and B2B Some examples of data collected in the B2C market, with individuals as the end customer, are: Age, Gender, Income, Location, family situation, Profession, Schooling. As for the B2B public, the classification is based on decision makers, people within companies who have the power to decide whether or not to buy their product.

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