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Thanks to this, you will understand who your client is, where he is locat and what keywords he can search for you. We assume, since you are reading our article on the azconsult website, that you already have positioning ready, you have formulat a usp and made up a couple of avatars of your target audience. if not, then compose. The more accurately you define all this, the cheaper advertising will cost you. A vivid example from our practice: a large manufacturer long and hard demand promotion of a certain thematic request to the top.

We explain that the request is retail

People are looking for this product in retail stores in their area, and not “wagons from the other side of the country”. All explanations receiv the same answer: “Follow our demand!” due to the incrible increase in the of search engines, we have achiev what we want – the top is taken! But do you think the customer got the desir customers? Of course not! 2. Collect the largest list of keywords in general, everyone. From all sources. Wordstat. enter Georgia Phone Number List what first came to mind for your request, and look at the numbers in the left column of the issue. The top number is the  occurs in the search.

Phone Number List

Including along with the words from the entire list

Which you see below. For each such word, we collect data in one place and continue to do this until queries on your topic come to mind. Vot-tak-vyglyadit-wordstat this is what the working window looks like in wordstat wordstat again but now we look at the right column. These are the requests that people enter together with yours, or requests EC Lists that, according to yandex, are similar in meaning. This is where you, as the business owner, can determine if these queries are relevant to you. Sale of technical acetone, which is us in production as a solvent.

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