People talk about the importance of extreme

You are interest in the topics of time management and personal efficiency, then you have probably notic the trend of the last two years: the myth about the effectiveness of multitasking (or multitasking) is gradually debunk, more and more successful  concentration in solving a specific task, the “golden” ability to do one thing. Case at a time. However, for me, monotasking is more than just a method in time and life management. This is a certain position in life, a system of self-organization and self-discipline, design to help a person – especially a woman – be effective “At work” and happy in life.

Principles of monotasking the philosophy

I creat is bas on five pillars: slowness. Total immersion. Inaction. Ability to prioritize. Be attentive to yourself and your nes. It is these principles that allow me to work effectively, to see the value and meaning in seemingly insignificant things, to move towards my goals and at the same time feel like a happy person walking my own path. I want to Finland Phone Number List introduce this philosophy to those who are tir of constant haste and fuss, who dream of slowing down a bit and finally feel the taste and charm of their own life. Who has left futile attempts to embrace the immensity and wants to concentrate on the main tasks.

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Who strives to achieve the goal, but in this

Pursuit is not ready to discount himself, his physical and mental well-being. Each of these five principles can be talk about at length and with enthusiasm. But today, I’m going to take a closer look at the fifth principle— being mindful of yourself EC Lists and your nes. After all, the place of a person in the system – any: political, social, time management – is an incribly touching topic.

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