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Here are some budget-free marketing tips that I would have given myself a couple of years ago: find at least one strong difference in your product, project or offer – something that somehow sets you apart from others. Before plunging into the fascinating world of wordstat, you must draw up a portrait of your target audience, decide on positioning and usp.In wordstat, the word “Acetone” is ask about 160,000 times a month, but almost all of the queries relate to the topic “Acetone breath” and have nothing to do with the sale of acetone solvent.

Acetone solvent requests per month

Thus, it makes no sense to sell acetone solvent at the request “Acetone”: it will, as they say, drain the advertising budget. We remove it from the list. But the same “clothing for nursing mothers” is the name of a rather narrow niche: women’s clothing design for the breastfeing period. It can and should be advertis. Identify queries that are not looking for what you are offering what do we mean? In our practice, there was a case when the name Ghana Phone Number List of the trademark “Caesar” coincid with the name of a popular game, and all attempts to bring it to the top for this query were unsuccessful. Keywords can be on the border between different topics.

Phone Number List

Examples requests salute buy fireworks salute

Moscow  refer not only to the topic “pyrotechnics”, but also to the “salut hotel”, “salut factory”, “salut walk-behind tractor”. Rusability portal again with useful infographics – this time about search engine optimization – the ultimate guide to local seo . Have you written an article for the site yourself or receiv it from a copywriter and are now trying to EC Lists figure out if it is good? Evaluate articles objectively using the 25 signs of a good article material . Therefore, in  nes content and what kind, I say: there are several decision-making algorithms for the client.

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