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This is the only statement for which I am ready to answer. And so – now I will say that microbusiness nes content marketing, and then the seller of sweet dreams will come to me and ask reproachfully: “what did you advise me?” but it seems to me that in a small business, like in a small bakery around the corner, trust and personal contact are of great importance. And this is achiev just by building a brand and creating content that would distinguish one bakery from another. Do you want your content to help you sell? Download under this article or right now the mental map “types and groups of content” and use it as a cheat sheet when preparing materials.

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Misconceptions do you, as a specialist, see in the content of businessmen and private specialists? Formalism, commonplaces, careless work with content. Blind faith in selling texts and emojis in posts. Two poles of errors: the first is the facelessness of universal phrases, the second is the manner of treating the consumer as a sucker, who must be br as cleverly as possible. What is the key to good working content? In Saudi Arabia Phone Number List indifference. It doesn’t matter how many points there are according to the glavr and how the commas are plac. If you care about your  of happiness you bring to him, then you will be able to convey this to the author.

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Universal chips? Maybe you know good examples, cases? The sequential implementation of the plan is working. Any, if only you thought for at least some time, chose the direction of movement, and then did not go astray for at least a few months. Just start and see what works and what doesn’t. Does the content ne to be built into the overall EC Lists marketing system for microbusinesses? Do you ne a content plan? Or is content marketing in microbusiness something spontaneous, at the behest of the soul and heart? Any business definitely – yes, you ne to do everything in a complex.

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