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Or maybe not. Is it better for a private specialist or entrepreneur to do it himself (in order to sincerely and “perkyly so”, albeit not quite structurally and with an unfortunate four points according to glavr), or is it still outsourc? Don’t know. Again, there is no universal answer. There are examples when the entrepreneurs themselves wrote so well that not a single contractor could then arrange them. you have money and no extra time — order. There are no free funds – try to manage on your own. What is content marketing anyway? At the rcm-2016 conference, you said that there is no content marketing. There is separate content. And then there is marketing.

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Did I really say that? Well, ok. Out of context, it sounds weird. But in general, yes – the “content marketing” design was invent for another detuning from some  marketing where content is us. There is smm, where again content plays a key role. Seo deals with content. Content marketing is now a convenient way to bring the whole complex under Singapore Phone Number List one roof. Does madcats write for small businesses? Yes. If a small business has enough  money to pay an entire agency instead of one freelancer – why not? How did it work? What did the entrepreneur get? Did it work? Traditionally, I will refer to the nda. but in general, we work for several small companies.

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Routine. But the results are satisfactory to both parties. But in one case, the relationship was interrupt exactly at the moment when everything “play out”. Just ran out of patience. It was a pity, because immiately all the indicators slipp back. Who would you recommend entrepreneurs read/listen to learn how to create their own content (if you think it’s worth doing)? Oh, well, ilyakhov! On a fresh non-copywriter’s head, his advice can go very well. There is also a mosigra company blog on habré, this is a very inspiring read. You can see (modestly so) my EC Lists appli lectures on yandex.Webmaster. You can go and learn from maya bogdanova, she does a lot of useful things for small entrepreneurs. This is what comes to mind immiately.

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