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Or brodsky. We thank katerina for such cheerful and capacious answers! And we ask our readers to tell us what place content marketing occupies in your project. Do you use? Works? Single pixel vkontakte: innovations 2016 february 18, 2017 social network social networks are changing dynamically in everything, especially in advertising settings. Pixels are relatively new tools in smm, but they already have updates. And we have a permanent expert in this area – smm specialist svetlana raevskaya, who will talk about these updates today. A year ago, I already told you, dear readers, why you ne to use facebook and vkontakte pixels. Since then, the social network.

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Besign to functionality. In the article, I will introduce you to today’s single vkontakte pixel. On june 29, 2016, when they logg into their advertising account, all targetologists saw a large-scale update. The terminology and principles of working with retargeting have chang. The concepts of “Retargeting code” and “Retargeting group” were completely Poland Phone Number List abolish. Now it is a single pixel for vkontakte and the retargeting audience. Pixel1 retargeting update vkontakte however, the main changes affect directly the work with the vk pixel. The very name “Single pixel” tells us that now we do not ne to generate a pixel for each page of the site. One pixel is set on all pages.

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According to certain topics, which correspond to the “categories of interests” in the settings of the target audience of ads. Pixel2 create a single pixel for your site the question arises, if there is only one pixel, then how to create different audiences? The innovation allows you to flexibly collect and sort audiences using rules that are customizable within the advertising  can collect all website visitors or visitors to specific pages. You can specify the number EC Lists of days that users will remain in the retargeting audience after visiting your site – 3, 7, 17, 30, 90, 180 days, or all the time. An important point is that the parameters of the pages from which the audience gathers can be different. Url-matches – the full address of the page is indicat.

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