The truth about SEO Part 2: Advertising and SEO go hand in hand!!

As Google announces that it is ending serving third-party cookies, there is something new in the marketing industry. That’s ‘SEO’, which is Search Engine Optimization. What the hell is this SEO, people keep saying that you have to do it, and if you do SEO, you don’t have to do advertising. Let’s dig into it thoroughly.

What is Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Google SEO optimization is a way to optimize your website Bangladesh Email Lists for the search engine called Google. There are so many different types of search engines that we can use. Since each search engine uses a different algorithm, Google SEO means optimizing a website according to Google’s algorithm policy.

Website optimized for Google, other search engines?
Then, won’t the website that is optimized according to the Google algorithm policy be exposed to other search engines? I think you can ask, but I think the answer to this question can be either YES or NO.

Another representative search engine in Korea is Naver. Then, when I say that my website is optimized for Google, is it not exposed to Naver? Let’s take a closer look at the Naver search engine.


When can I start to feel the effects of SEO?

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When most website owners consider SEO, the biggest factor is that once they optimize their website, it is because of the advantage that customers will flow into their website even if they do not advertise after that. Clearly, SEO has a long-lasting effect on traffic, because SEO attracts customers by publishing content that answers the questions they’re asking, i.e. keywords, regardless of how much they spend on advertising. However, our websites are not all ‘Samsung’, right?

In other words, most of our potential customers are very likely not EC Lists familiar with our brand, and as a result, customers searching for our brand are not as present as we might expect. In the meantime, if our website is not optimized, of course, exposure will be insufficient, and traffic inflow will be even less. So, through various stages of optimization, we slowly increase exposure and organic keywords, and as impressions and organic keywords increase, the exposure position* and traffic increase. Because you have to go through this process, search engine optimization takes at least 3 months to increase traffic.

The exposure position may initially drop as the number of keywords  that come in naturally increases, but it may rise again as keywords and pages stabilize. However, there is no unconditional rise in SEO.

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