All about scent marketing using the Proust effect

Scent marketing is a type of sensory marketing that uses scent to evoke emotion and brand association. Scents and aromas are used to create memorable experiences for consumers, increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.

What is the Proust Effect?

The Proust effect refers to a phenomenon in which certain scents Bahrain Email List evoke strong memories and emotions. The name comes from French writer Marcel Proust’s description of this experience in his novel “In Search of Lost Time”.

In this novel, the protagonist dips a Madeleine cookie into a tea cup, and the scent and taste of this cookie evokes many memories from his childhood. Proust describes this experience as “intentional memory” that is more powerful than “involuntary memory.”

The Proust effect has been studied by psychologists, who have found that the sense of smell is intimately connected to the cerebral lymphatic system involved in memory and emotion. This connection is believed to trigger the powerful memories that scents evoke.


Signature scent sold at Kyobo Book Center

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When visiting Kyobo Book Center, I think there are many people who have felt the cool yet subtle scent. Kyobo Bookstore developed it in 2015 as part of scent marketing to give the impression of walking through a dense forest when visiting the store.

The scent of eucalyptus and cypress base creates a “book scent”. In response to inquiries from customers who wanted to buy this “Book Incense”, it was sold in a limited quantity of 200 as part of the Bundang store opening event in October 2017, but after that in 2018. It was released as a regular product that can also be purchased online on April 26th.

2) Lush’s special fragrance marketing
Lush is famous for being a brand that doesn’t EC Lists  advertise. However, Lush does a different marketing than other brands. The first marketing method is so-called in-house staff taking care of incoming customers and kindly introducing various products.

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