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Chevrolet’s average monthly search volume (299,400 searches) was approximately 2.49 times higher than that of Cadillac (120,066 searches). However, the search volume for Cadillac seems to be steadily rising (trend 22%) compared to three months ago. Interestingly, ‘Chevrolet Service Center’ is ranked in the top 3 among related keywords.

Let’s take a look at the consumer’s search path for the 5 Series.

The model that consumers are most interested in was the 5 Series.

The most frequently mentioned related keyword was ‘full change’. Full Barbados Email List change is an abbreviation of full model change, and refers to a case in which the generation of a vehicle changes or a new vehicle is developed by an automobile manufacturer.

When looking at the search path for Chevrolet service centers, there were questions about how much it costs, where the direct service centers are, and whether they are open on weekends. Also, while searching for Chevrolet models, I was able to find a search path leading to the service center. It was found that Chevrolet had a stronger intention to repair existing Chevrolet vehicles than to purchase a new car compared to other brands.

BMW 5 Series ( Source: BMW official website )

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In addition to the full change of the 5 series, we were able to confirm the customer intent to know when the full change of the 7 series and the full change of the 3 series will be released and what the price will be.

Shanghai Motors is a Chinese automobile conglomerate and has not yet entered Korea, so it is not well known in Korea. It seems that they are more interested in the stock price and prospects of the Shanghai Automobile Group than they are interested in automobiles.

9. Stellantis
Sales: $104.8 billion
Established year: 2021 (Group PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles merged at a 50:50 ratio)
Car brands: Fiat, Jeep, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, Lancia, Maserati, etc.

Jeep’s Pathfinder (search path) screen
In the case of Jeep, if you check it with Pathfinder. You can see that EC Lists the search term continues. From the Jeep Gladiator model to the truck, followed by American heavy trucks and pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are not common due to the nature of the domestic environment. But following Chevrolet Colorado, in the light of data. Jeep’s Gladiator is also a model that is reminiscent of pickup trucks.

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