The first thing I look at is the number of subscribers

Of course, it may well be that you are selling a product that can be deliver to any country. Then it is logical that you will want to involve olga buzova or vanya dorn. But you ne to understand that stars of this magnitude will either ignore you, or refuse, or ask for a heavenly fee. Pay attention to “Microtrendsetters”. These are opinion leaders who have their own small audience, but it is strongly involv in their lives. That’s 2, 5, 10 thousand followers on instagram – and that may be enough for you. Such opinion leaders, as a rule, are read by real people – their friends, acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances, who are more likely to be imbu with trust in them than in some kind of Superstar.

Don’t underestimate small influencers

This has been proven many times in practice. By what parameters should a freelancer or the author of a small project choose an instagram blogger who should go to for pr? I will share with you my principles for determining who an opinion leader is. Yes, this is still an indicator of the importance of a profile on a social network. Let’s just Macedonia Phone Number List say the first signal. Next, I compare the number of followers with the number of likes . I am guid by such figures: if a person has up to 10 thousand subscribers, he should have 5-7% of likes from this figure, if 10-100 thousand – 3%, if more than 100 thousand – 1%. But if subscribers and likes can be easily cheat.

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Then comments are unlikely Therefore I look at the

Comments on the last 5-10 publications. I look not only at quantity, but also at quality. Comments like “so sexy!”, “cute”, “nice pic” do not show the activity of the audience. Much more important are comments like “wow, what is this dress?”, “tell me EC Lists where you do your manicure”, “oh, what is this yogurt in the photo?”. Here they show that the audience is involv in the life of an opinion leader.

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