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January 23, 2017 business , interview , promotion during the new year holidays, instagrams all over the world were fill with magical lights, elegant christmas trees and other new year paraphernalia. And the last step is to look at who the influencer on instagram has collaborat with before , and what was the reaction of the audience to the advertising post. Is there any database of these bloggers on instagram where they can be found and select? I know that there are together. But I don’t use them, I prefer to look for trendsetters on my own. I can only rely on myself and my team.

Dasha does not recommend using instagram

Advertising exchanges to search for bloggers dasha does not recommend using special services to search for bloggers have these services somehow proven themselves on the negative side? I didn’t have a bad experience with the services because I haven’t work with them for a long time. Once I register on one of them and began to select opinion Malta Phone Number List leaders. In the list, I saw those who, in my opinion, are either not opinion leaders or put too high a price. In addition, I prefer to cooperate on a barter basis – a review for a gift, or partially on a barter basis – a gift + a fee. Such services most often offer a fee basis, and in dollars. But you know, here, as in any situation, the taste and color.

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For example, I do not use mass liking and

Mass following programs. But from time to time I myself can subscribe to the profiles of the target audience. Which instagram ads won’t work through bloggers? Rather, I can say that it works well. Recommendations for cosmetics, clothing, accessories. Beauty salons and fitness clubs. Food and establishments. Help from experts and interesting events. The most difficult thing on instagram is to promote non-mass consumption products (for example, concrete) and EC Lists very expensive ones (apartments in cyprus). It’s probably not worth advertising them with the help of opinion leaders.

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