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If during this period you miss the number of likes under your promo posts and are thinking about how to attract new subscribers this year, pay attention to advertising with bloggers. And about how to choose bloggers for advertising on instagram in a small business, smm specialist dasha andreeva will tell. On her account, the promotion of accounts up to 10 subscribers. Dasha collaborates on an ongoing basis with several brands, consults, teaches promotion in social networks and maintains her blog . Dasha_andreeva daria, our subscribers are wondering if a small project or a freelancer can promote on.

Instagram by placing ads with famous bloggers

It is difficult for me to answer this question unequivocally, since each situation is individual. First, it all depends on the project and the freelancer. To what extent can this topic be promot with the help of opinion leaders? For example, if it’s Luxembourg Phone Number List homemade vegan pastries, okay. And if these are plumbing services, it’s already more difficult. Secondly, a lot depends on the budget and skills of the person. The budget will make it possible to involve trendsetters (trendsetters – . ), who work only on a paid basis. And the skills of the person who maintains an account on social networks will make it possible to interest the opinion.

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leader and convince them to accept the offer of

Cooperation But my experience says that even very small companies or one person can work successfully with opinion leaders. Do you want to know more about setting up work in the most important social networks? Participate in the article series “social networks: the big break theory” participate small businesses clearly do not ne feral stars. How famous should influencers be on instagram? If you are, let’s say, a small EC Lists coffee house, why would you involve the soloist of “Via-gra”, whose audience is residents of ukraine, russia, kazakhstan, belarus? For advertising on instagram, it is much better to invite a local blogger who reviews new establishments for a cup of coffee and dessert.

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