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Therefore, this sending method is specially design and recommend for mass sending with the same message or that can be customiz with variables previously load in groups of contacts. It is also especially indicat when there are databases or fix lists that can be updat and improv bas on shipments or campaigns. SCHUL AND DEFERR SHIPPING In any submission form it is possible to select the day and time of submission and thus schule individual submissions or massive campaigns. And to get the most out of it, you have to take into account all the trends of 2023 and apply them to your marketing and sales strategy. LabsMobile grows 40% for the second consecutive year Results 2022 LabsMobile 5 (100%) 1 vote LabsMobile grows.

Thus, the company establishes itself as one of the

Leading SMS platforms in Spain and Latin America. LabsMobile continues to expand and grow. This 2022 and for the second consecutive year , its turnover has grown by 40% . And in the last 8 years, it has grown more than 20% every year. Very good figures that consolidate the company as one of the main players in SMS in Spain and Latin America . Billing, LabsMobile has also expand in sending messages. In Spain, for example, in the last year, SMS messages sent have increas by 40% more . This progress is basically due to the increase in major Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List high-volume projects and the increase in the volume of existing accounts. Consequently, it has become one of the national representatives of the SMS. On the other hand, the LabsMobile platform continues its growth and positioning in Latin America , thanks to the acquisition of customers in.

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Increas traffic in all Latin American countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, It also accounts for more than 40% of billing. Consequently, LabsMobile has establish itself as a specialist in the region, which is so complicat and diverse when it comes to connectivity and messaging. Thanks to the growth of the last 10 years and the diversification of traffic between Spain and Latin EC Lists America, LabsMobile has expand not only in billing but also in personnel, service quality and in improving its platform.

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