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In the schul section of WebSMS ,The marketing trends of 2023 confirm that text messages will continue to be one of the most effective communication strategies for companies. Take advantage of the effectiveness of SMS and use them in your digital strategy! And to do so, keep these SMS trends in 2023 in mind. 1. Personaliz messages They come directly to the users. And by being personaliz, it helps get people to take action. In addition, a connection is creat between the user and the company. In order to send personaliz messages, you must first know some information such as name, surname, language, location, etc. 2. Trade by message More and more companies use SMS to make promotions, sales or create loyalty with their consumers. Messages are no longer simply ruc to text.

Now they can also include a gif an image, or even a

Landing page. So they are much more attractive and convince the consumer to take action. 3. Useful and practical content Messages can also be functional. For example, sending appointment reminders, package and shipment delivery notifications, invoices, two-factor verification ,… It is a way of guaranteeing that the user will receive the Brazil WhatsApp Number List message and  high opening rate. 4. Build customer loyalty Another trend is to build customer loyalty through SMS marketing. For this, campaigns will be creat that will create expectation, and at the same time will be of quality, so as not to saturate them with empty notes.

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Which they can give their opinion in a survey, or receive discounts / gifts for their birthda  5. SMS, customer service channel The text message is incorporat as another customer service channel. Thus, if the user has any questions, they can communicate with the company quickly and easily. This channel generates professionalism and trust. It also ruces the distance between people and brands, creating the possibility of immiate communication. In EC Lists conclusion, the use of SMS is spreading more and more at the corporate level, thanks to its good opening rate and the trust it generates among all users.

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