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The most common promotional messages are: discount codes Launch of new products limit offers abandon carts Promotional SMS Undoubtly, promotional messages are the most popular, given that, by doing it well and with a good strategy behind it, they give you the opportunity to increase your sales and retain your customers. Of course, it is important not to forget about the transactional ones, because, although a priori they do not have the same result, or that result is not so obvious and quantifiable, what you achieve by balancing your communications is keeping your clients well inform and letting them know that we We adapt to what they ne at all times. The result? Loyalty, generate trust and transmit closeness. Hybrid SMS and why add them to your Marketing strategy.

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Transactional SMS have been clarifi, we will talk about hybrids, which are undoubtly a growth opportunity for your business. Hybrid SMS , as the word  promotional SMS. Its main objective, a priori, is to inform, make the user aware of relevant information about the order or product that he has recently purchas on our website. The difference is that in addition to informing, it also has the objective of selling. As? Here are some examples Cambodia WhatsApp Number List of hybrid SMS: “Thank you for purchasing the Iphone 12 Pro, you will receive it shortly at your home, if you want to protect it take a look at our Luxury Matte protective case” “Thank you for your order.

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Products on our website “Thank you for trusting us. Your order will arrive shortly. While enjoying a 15% discount on the rest of our products.” What do we get with hybrid SMS? You can approach hybrid SMS in different ways. On the one hand, they may have the objective of “rewarding” with a discount code for the trust they have plac in purchasing our products/services, or they may have the objective of complementing the purchase they have EC Lists made (as in the example of the purchase of iphone 12 pro). What we achieve through this action is to boost sales in a much more organic way, because the client will perceive the communication as a reward, a gift and not as forc advertising.

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