The central government triples spending on advertising

The Government of Spain plans to invest more than 158 million euros in advertising this year. As stated in the 2022 Institutional Advertising and Communication plan. This plan is prepared annually by the Institutional Advertising. Communication Commission, a collegiate body attached to the Secretariat of State of Communication from the Presidency of the Government. This figure places the Government led by Pedro Sánchez as the largest advertiser in the country. Ahead of large private multinationals such as L’Oréal, Vodafone and Orange, which follow far behind.

Considerable increase in spending

The ministries that in December category email list will have launched a greater number of campaigns (10 or more) will be the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge with 56. Which represents 33.53%; the Ministry of Health with 16 campaigns, (9.58%); the Ministry of Culture and Sports with 13 campaigns (7.78%) and the Ministry of Agriculture. Fisheries and Food with 12 campaigns (7.19%). Compared to previous years. This represents a considerable increase in spending on state advertising. In 2021, the total cost was 42,567,007.31 euros. Almost four times less than this year. In 2020, the state administration spent 66 million euros; in 2019, 62.8; in 2018, 71.5 and in 2017, 70, figures that are very far from the amount planned for this last year.

Main advertisers in Spain

InfoAdex , the consulting firm that EC Lists collects data to control advertising investment in the media. Analyzes every year the companies that spend the most on advertising. According to its 2021 advertising investment ranking (there is still no one that classifies the advertisers of 2022). Behind the State are the following companies. L’Oréal Spain would occupy second place with 71.1 million euros invested in marketing and communication. Percentage of 1.8% of the total controlled advertising investment in controlled media in Spain. Procter & Gamble Spain would be in third place. With 66.6 million euros, and Orange Spain in fourth, with 59.5 million. They would be followed in the table by Línea Directa (53.4 million). El Corte Inglés (50.5), Telefónica (48.9) and Volkswagen España (46.2).

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