A teddy bear tastes the honey of fame in this tender Lidl spot

Perhaps looking in the mirror of its rival Aldi (whose Christmas campaigns have been starred for several years in British lands by the endearing carrot Kevin the Carrot ). Lidl has decided to give this year the leading role of its new Christmas spot to a tender character. Who rivals in friendliness with Kevin himself: a teddy bear named “Lidl Bear.” Signed by the Accenture Song agency (formerly Karmarama). The supermarket chain’s new advertisement in the United Kingdom begins with a nice scene. In which a father accidentally shrinks his Lidl sweater in the washing machine and his daughter has the ingenious idea to Put the garment on your teddy bear 

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The teddy bear, whose face is invariably industry email list impassive. Then becomes a superstar with his own social media channels, a best-selling autobiography. Magazine covers and even the occasional scandal involving a model and a girl. limousine. The original owner of the teddy bear. However, misses her furry friend , who resides on a private jet where the revelry is inexhaustible throughout the day. Fortunately, the girl’s wish to be reunited with her beloved teddy bear is fulfilled and they both have an emotional meeting on Christmas Day.

Lidl's new Christmas campaign

While the stuffed animals that make EC Lists their way into Christmas advertising traditionally become lucrative merchandising items. Lidl wants the bear in its latest spot to ultimately become the symbol of its toy donation bank so that no child run out of gifts this Christmas. “What sets ‘Lidl Bear’ apart from other Christmas characters is his hilarious deadpan. Explains Claire Farrant, Lidl ‘s UK marketing director . «By displaying no emotion, the bear generates humorous situations and successfully transmits our message about what really matters at Christmas. That’s why you won’t see ‘Lidl Bear’ for sale in any of our stores. Since given the unrealistic expectations that often exist at Christmas, we know that what really matters at this time is being with the people you love. “, Add.

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