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Download the n8n Desktop App, use the n8n Cloud or Self-Host to use our node. N8n is a workflow automation platform that allows task automation and workflow control. It also provides significant cost ruction, process agility and execution control. It is a TypeScript-bas tool. It is an easy to use and highly customizable service. Why is it a good fit in your organization?  can host it in your organization to be able to access resources or services that are only accessible from your organization, keeping sensitive data safe and at home.

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Scripts, don’t worry, you can add them relatively easily, since n8n allows you to execute system commands via shell. The automation of workflows with n8n will allow you to: Automate daily tasks: so they are not boring or laborious. For example, generating an email every day from data aggregat from tools like Piprive. Data Colombia WhatsApp Number List Synchronization: Allows you to synchronize data between different applications, databases or APIs. Create a chain of events: Run a task every time something happens. With Webhooks you will be able to manage events both for their execution and for triggering other services through webhooks. For example, receive a purchase through.

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Strippe and send a purchase confirmation email

At the same time you add the new customer in Piprive. Steps to follow for integration with n8n Register on the website to access the n8n Cloud services. Later you will be able to automate the sending of SMS messages with any service compatible EC Lists with n8n. You can also register your account in the Desktop App or Self-Host if you wish. Major Internet companies and services are already integrat. There are thousands of possibilities at your fingertips, visit! Requirements Create an account on the n8n platform or install one of its versions. Learn more at Also create a user account in LabsMobile.

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