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Ways to send SMS messages with. LabsMobile 5 ways to send SMS messages with LabsMobile 5 (100%) 1 vote. Companies are increasingly using SMS messages to communicate with their customers. Whether through a notification, a promotional Code, tracking the status of a shipment, a double confirmation code in authentication processes, etc. The uses are multiple and the options for sending SMS as well. With SMS you make sure that the communication arrives quickly , directly to your client’s phone and that they read it in a matter of seconds, since this channel has an opening rate of 98%. And also at an affordable price. Sending SMS from the LabsMobile platform is very simple and intuitive.

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Today we explain 5 so that you can incorporate them into your marketing and sales strategy. BASIC MANUAL SHIPPING The basic or manual. Sending of messages consists of entering the numbers one by one or copying them from any application or file. In this way, messages can be sent individually by entering only one number or mass messages to China WhatsApp Number List multiple recipients by adding or copying a list of mobile numbers. The shipping form helps to choose the other fields such as sender, text, time and day of shipping, etc. This method is indicat for occasional shipments to sporadic recipients. SENDING FROM FILE Sending via file consists of importing a CSV or Excel file with a set of messages, one per line.

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Shipment: mobile phone number, text, sender and date/time of shipment. In the same form or shipping screen, you can find a template with. Examples and  Excel file to make shipments through file. This sending method is specially design for those occasions or uses in which multiple SMS messages or massive campaigns must be sent. With a different text to each recipient . In this way, the text of the message can be made bas on variables with a EC Lists basic text or that, on the contrary, contain a totally different message between them. SHIPPING BY GROUPS When starting a mass campaign, it is necessary to determine the recipients.

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