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Steps to use the LabsMobile node 1 Node. Installation To install the LabMobile node you must follow the following steps: Login to n8n, Go to the settings option . Go to the Community nodes option . Click on Install community nodes . Click on install . The start node exists by default when a new workflow is creat, to start your workflow with the. LabsMobile node you can also use the Cron node or the Webhook node. 2 node configuration First, you will ne to enter the crentials for the LabsMobile node. The crentials are: the email ( username ) of the. LabsMobile account and the API token generat from your account.

If you only ne to do a basic send just enter the

phone number to which the message. Will be sent in the to field and enter the message in the message field . In case you want to send a schul message, you must select the Schul SMS option, where you can choose the date and time of sending. – It is requir to validate the amount of crits, you just have to choose the Account Crits option Click on Execute node to execute the SM submission with the parameters enter. Basic operations: Basic SMS Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List sending n8n LabsMobile module SMS schul sending SMS and n8n Balance inquiryGood practices to make a Black Friday SMS campaign Labsmobile November Good PracticesBlack Friday CAST V1 5 (100%) 12 votes If you.

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want your SMS campaign to have a positive

Impact on your sales results and help increase your profits. We invite you to take a number of factors into account. Black Friday is already around the corner! Which means that it is a good time to start preparing your SMS campaign, to think about the promotions and discounts that you are going to implement and to define how you are going EC Lists to communicate it to your users and potential clients. Preparing a strategy for Black Friday is not an easy task, we have to take into account many factors and more than one channel of communication.

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