About how everything will be easy and pleasant in

In history – 11 years of work in senior positions in such giants of the consulting industry and the banking sector as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and Renaissance Capital; teaching at the university; participation in international conferences on project management; several years of curatorial work in a business incubator. CO-TRAINERS Dasha KapitonovaThis is Daria Kapitonova. Daria is a social mia practitioner and a student of Damir Khalilov. Daria is excellent at promoting communities in social networks without budgets. Today is the first part.The demand was check by me, the audience was studi in practice – on several streams of the course and in individual work.

It was worth a try After I decid that the project should be

I quickly came up with its concept and structure, bas on the following factors: Narrow specialization is the basis of the project, this will set us apart from competitors. But it’s not enough. At the trainings, I see that copywriter moms are far from concern only with the skills of writing texts. There are many organizational, domestic issues. Often there is a feeling of “I’m all alone” and “everyone is so Germany Email List successful, but nothing works out for me.” I decid to make a project in which, in addition to training, we will talk about how difficult it is to work at home. No, I’m not crazy. I know that “People eat” promises of magic pills and stories freelancing. But I also know about the disappointments that overtake those who have eaten this most magical pill.

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Because working from home is really hard.

No, of course, I do not have the goal of intimidating everyone.  This is how it is written about it on the main page of the site This is how it is written about it on the main page of the site One of the important messages of the project is life in balance. As a longtime freelancer, I know it’s EC Lists incribly difficult to set up a job that doesn’t cause irreparable harm to all other areas of life. Of course, if you do not work for an hour a day. Therefore, “Mama-writer” has become not just a training project, but a Center for learning, inspiration and support.

Working with Alena for three of them First she

Masha is also a mother twice. And he manages to combine this role with the development of his own project, coaching and a leadership position in the information and analytical division of a large bank. To get to know Masha better, go to her website. For example, I recommend articles – one, two, three. Masha oversees online projects. That’s not all.  SUPPORT We work not only on the quality of webinars and feback. Training is such a mechanism in which there are many technical components, and all of them must function properly.

Instructions and questionnaires must be sent on time

All reminders before webinars, too, records must appear and be sent out on time, all tasks must be duplicat by e-mail, all questions must be answer. Who is responsible for this? alyona mashThis is Alena Mashneva. Alena is a philologist by ucation. And she also has an additional Ghana Email List specialty that is very useful for our project – “manager in ucation”. “Marketing from the Basics” is 4 years old, we have been  was a copywriter, then an itor. And then it turn out that Alena can do anything. Manage social mia? Please! it a hundr texts in a day? No problem! Moderate training.

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We’ll get through it It seems to me that if I say tomorrow

Alena, we ne to learn how to fly a helicopterWell, you understand.  Now Alena works as a manager in my copywriting agency and is almost completely responsible for the technical and organizational part of the trainings. It is she who helps you if suddenly something does not EC Lists open, does not connect, does not load, or is simply incomprehensible. Students call Alena a “grey eminence”.  Not seen, not heard, but she does a gigantic job. Alena lives in St. Petersburg, loves to read and dreams of writing a book for at least one, but the dearest reader – her daughter. In fact, this is not all either.  I have co-trainers who lead individual webinars on the course. Briefly, but I will tell you about them.

Speaking honestly about the difficulties

Not personally by my platform for PR trainings, but by a circle of friends, experienc freelancers, who, at the same time, do not pretend to be gurus, but are ready to really help, inspire and support. Therefore, from the very beginning, an itorial board was plann in the project. I did not even expect that the team to the itorial board would gather so quickly! The project has just start to work, and we – the authors of the site – are already more than 20! And I watch the plann topics of the articles – fire! I like what is coming out at the current stage. And you?;) And further. The line of services of “Mom-writer” consists not only of training and a blog.

Additional blocks of the line were invent in the

Process of working with female students at trainings or in communication after training. For example, the sections “itor’s Help” , “Audit” , “SOS – Urgent Text Help” immiately appear . A little later, I came up with the heading “Test of the pen” – for those who ne to replenish their Greece Email List portfolio. And the project also employs certifi coaches (including me), who are responsible for the “inspiration/development” block. Later, I came up with a few more components of the line, but I didn’t reflect it in the picture. Over time, if you follow the project, you will see them  Later, I came up with a few more components of the line, but I didn’t reflect it in the picture.

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Over time, if you follow the project, you will see them

If you are inspir by our example and want to create your own project, we have an excellent free course that will help you approach this issue systematically. You can download it right now or after the article GET LESSONS And today “Mama-writer” is: a highly specializ project for mom-writers (future, beginners, practitioners); team project; covering not only training, but also other types of EC Lists support for its audience; of working from home; helping to find balance in life and work. On this, I believe, the first period of the birth of the project end. TIMELINE OF DEVELOPMENT In the spring of 2015, I had my first thoughts about the fate of the project.

Intricacies sea contextual advertising web

She creat her project “Sea of ​​Ideas” in 2012, now the audience of the project’s pages is more than a million people! At the same time, not a penny was spent on advertising. In addition to her own groups, Daria collaborates with commercial projects and campaigns in social networks. At our training, Daria will hold a webinar about Facebook. To get to know Daria, read her article (not about FB, about Instagram, but still good :)) or watch a snippet of Daria’s webinar from our planning marathon . svetlana_raevskayaThis is Svetlana Raevskaya. A targetologist is a specialist in advertising in social networks and, in general, a great specialist in VKontakte. The owner of the agency “Good Idea”. Sveta teaches how to promote pages and groups on.

VKontakte Sveta’s students say “You talk so tenderly

About targeting that we also fall in love with it.”  At “Marketing from the Basics”, a gentle story awaits you and me – not only about targeting, but also about the basics of VK promotion in general. Svetlana is our permanent contributor. You can get acquaint with her Grenada Email List in her articles: one , two , three , four . evgeniya_fAnd this is Evgenia Foseeva. Evgenia is the owner of the Internet agency “Emisart”, has been working in the field of Internet services for more than 7 years. A magical person who understands the technical  analytics. And he knows how to talk about all this in simple words. In addition, Zhenya is a sponsor of the Art Book atmospheric photobook project and the organizer of the Mom’s.

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Experience Day event for moms HOW WE DID

MOM-WRITER”. PART 1 April 18, 2016 Business , Interesting , Internet Marketing , Copywriting A few weeks ago, we launch a new project – the Training and Support Center for Copywriter Moms “Mom Writer” . Of course, compar to the birth of “Marketing from scratch”, this time EC Lists everything happens much faster. It is already clear where to start, what to describe, what to calculate, where the most painful rake is laid out. Nevertheless, a new project always brings new concerns and new discoveries. I promis to tell you about how the concept of this project appear and what steps we have already taken. I promis, I tell you.

Opportunity and I made a training little with

WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN “MOM-WRITER”? It all start with the fact that a training with this name appear in my curriculum. I didn’t plan to do anything like that, I work exclusively with micro-businesses and a  freelancers, but only in the context of marketing. And the “Mom-writer” course grew spontaneously, after the conference for moms , where I spoke 3+ years ago. Then I receiv powerful feback. They wrote to me: “I want to study with you.” I saw very warm – hot! – the audience, I did not want to miss the  for novice writers, adapting the “Texts for Small Business” program that was already ready at that time. I thought: I’ll spend it once, as long as there are people who want it.

However, the course, which was plann as a

One-time action, took a permanent place in my training grid. People came, the training was sold, I did it. The results pleas (and delight) me and the students, the reviews were great. The graduates of the training remain friends of the project. Everything would be fine. But, being a Guatemala Email List perfectionist by nature, I suffer terribly from the fact that the “mom” component blurs the positioning of my project . Well, how is it: marketing for microbusiness – and suddenly mother writers? Disorder! WHAT TO DO? Last year, I thought for a long time about the fate of the course. There was an idea to stop doing it altogether.

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At the same time as I plann, time will be fre up for a

Little time management training for microbusiness, which I have long want to do. But the graduates and my team came to the defense of “Mama-writer”. There was an idea to go with him to someone else’s project, to offer a course to some training center, to give all the promotion into the wrong hands, to act only as a speaker with a ready-made program. But the toad strangl.  How is it – everything that is acquir by overwork, suddenly take and give? After such reflections, I decid to separate “Mama-writer” into EC Lists a separate independent project. HOW DID THE CONCEPT COME ABOUT It was clear to me that copywriting projects on the market are a dime a dozen. As well as projects for moms. But with such a narrow specialization at the junction of two topics – no one.

Katya has years of corporate training

Therefore, curators appear who have experience in marketing and business no less than mine. To be honest, I am very proud that I was able to get these people on my team. This is Ekaterina Grokholskaya.EkaterinaGrokholskaya Katya has been in business for 17 years. She has three projects: the Balloon Flight active recreation agency, the Free Flight aeronautical enterprise, and the young consulting agency Nachalnik.  and 4 years of offline consulting for small businesses. In addition, she is the winner of the Guerrilla Marketing Award Guerrilla of the Year 2013.

How I lur her to the training is a secret But now

Katya agre to lead the third group with me. And also our curator is a master of sports, a balloon pilot, one of the first women aeronautical pilots and the absolute champion of Russia in aeronautics. Outside of work, Katya is a mother of three, recently built a house in a village near Guyana Email List Moscow and lives there with her large family. He is fond of nelework and farming, with pleasure he makes preparations for the winter and stores them in a new cellar.To get to know Katya better, read her articles on our website ( one , two , three , four ). Katya oversees projects relat to going offline. Plus, if you know who a “scanner” (“chaotic”) is and if this is you, you are also welcome to Katya.

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Masha kAnd this is Maria Kochkarina Masha, of course is

Also an entrepreneur – the author of an online project. Masha is a financial manager by ucation, a business consultant with experience and a strategist. Shortly before Masha went on her second maternity leave, she became a certifi marketer. At the same time, she began to make her EC Lists own Internet project about management in all its manifestations, including marketing. At that time, Masha came to me for the Marketing from the Basics training and impress me with how quickly and accurately she systematizes and applies information, how many ideas she has, and how well she gives feback to other participants in pair and group work.

That work in her practice and at the same time

The conscientiousness and adequacy of these people and. Companies is what everyone dreams of, but not everyone can put into practice. Natalia Frankel, the organizer of events, projects and the author of the Event Marketing from A to Z blog , is sure that following a number of simple rules when choosing a partner or contractor can save a lot of your nerves, time, effort and money. Natalia tells us about the rules shares examples from life. So. ALL AGREEMENTS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING BEFORE THE WORK PROCESS BEGINS.

In other words, all rights and obligations must be spell

Out in the contract, read by the parties and seal with signatures. All items must be completely transparent: who owes what to whom and for what. A case from practice: the owner provid a venue for the event for free. Seeing how many people came and how great everything turn out, he chang his mind and towards the end of the festival offer to pay for the site, which he was refus. Because Egypt Email List they didn’t agree. In intermiate agreements, fix everything, if not with a document with a seal, then at least by e-mail. MAKE A PLAN AND TIMING OF WORK, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE POSSIBILITIES AND CONDITIONS OF ALL PARTIES. These documents must also be sign, and their observance must be transparent for control. MONITOR PRICES AND SERVICES ON THE MARKET.

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The ideal situation is when you have a contractor

Who has been proven over the years and harden in battles, who gives you big discounts and bonuses and never allows mistakes. But in reality, it happens that over time, the conditions and quality of your partner’s services may cease to be the best and competitive. Market research EC Lists will give two options for the development of events: either you will find a new partner who is more interest in you and offers better conditions for cooperation, or bas on the prices and benefits currently available on the market, you will be able to get a better offer from your current partner.

My daughter is finishing first grade so I teach you

TRAINING TEAM “MARKETING FROM THE BASICS” April 25, 2016 Online training Today I want to introduce you to the Marketing from the Basics training team. I’ll start with myself 🙂 MariaI am a marketing specialist by ucation, I have been working in this field for about 14 years. At first it was an office that I said goodbye to as a marketing director. Then a few years of freelancing, after which I decid to take up consulting. And for 4 years now I have been doing a marketing project for microbusiness. Training “Marketing from the basics” is where it all began. I came up with it in 2012 and now I am collecting the fourth stream.

This training is my pride, it contains “everything

That is acquir by overwork”: all the achievements, findings, experience of me and my students. In addition to “Marketing from the Basics”, there are 4 more marketing and copywriting trainings in my program, about 500 people have already complet them. Besides work, I have a  family. not only marketing, but also her all sorts of school tricks. I love to read, make handmade France Email List jewelry (I made them for sale for about 6 years), cook, and I am fond of right-brain drawing. I want to build a house near St. Petersburg and I am moving towards this goal with a cheerful step.

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Training is not only webinars This is a huge

Individual work with each of the participants. We carefully study your project, check and comment on homework, find fault with the little things  and give advice, come up with ideas for you, find additional materials, share contacts and just provide psychological support and motivation. We are me and the curators of the training. I will be working with people who have as much EC Lists experience in marketing and business as I do. To be honest, I am very proud that I was able to get them in my team. CURATOR At some point, I realiz: there is so much work at the training that it is difficult for me alone to give full feback to all participants. Freelance Marketing even had to limit group size. But I want to make the most of it.

Cheap logistics on Shopify they were like a fish in

Lutke has chang from an independent website seller selling snowboards to an entrepreneur selling website building software. It is also a business, but the market demand has been identifi and the sales target has chang. Lutke’s story also inspir me a lot. This is also one of the reasons why I decid to jump out of the solidifi thinking of cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border entrepreneurship is not limit to cross-border e-commerce, cross-border i-platforms, and cross-border independent websites. There are also many different ways to start a business. Find out the nes and target markets, and you can also find the most suitable way to start a business.

According to Lutke’s experience, if you like

Programming, you can transform to develop a website building system like Lutke. Interestingly, the founder of helium10 has a similar experience. The distance from the develop countries in the world is not even a star. Today, the success of Shopify, China’s cheap goods Finland Email List have play a very large role. But a few years ago, when European and American sellers took advantage of China’s cheap goods and  water. The vast majority of Chinese sellers have never heard of Shopify. For a long time, Chinese sellers have not been the most important customers of Shopify.

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Even before Shopify didn’t even have any

Employees in the Chinese market. In a modest and prudent, learning attitude to learn the experience and technology of develop countries in Europe and America. He knows some strange things and still talks nonsense with his eyes open. I would like to ask all readers to EC Lists maintain independent thinking and examine various problems in the process of cross-border entrepreneurship with an attitude of examining a stick. This article summarizes these 101 frequently ask questions about cross-border entrepreneurship to help you sort out the various problems that you may encounter in cross-border entrepreneurship.

Control the website, then Woo Commerce will be the

Independent stations ne to consider the issues of site building, customer payment, and promotion. Do you choose shopify or woocommerce to build an independent website ? This problem has troubl many people, and it also collects payment from customers. Are you stripe or paypal ? Why is an independent website the development trend of cross-border e-commerce in the future? With its independent characteristics, the independent station will lead the development trend of cross-border e-commerce in the future. If I had to choose the only choice between platform and independent station, there is no doubt that I would choose independent station.

Because you can make decisions by yourself

Control risks by yourself, and be responsible for what you do. I like these independent features of independent stations. But whether the independent station will be the future development trend, this is only a personal understanding. Which way should I choose to build Fiji Email List an independent website? WooCommerce is my most recommend way to build an independent website. Contrary to what most people understand, most sellers in China will choose Shopify instead of WooCommerce.

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The reason is simple, Shopify builds a website

Quickly and is easy to operate. Everything has a good side and a bad side. As it is with Shopify, so it is with WooCommerce. If you have strong hands-on ability, have a technical foundation, value Google SEO traffic, are willing to handle various things by yourself, and EC Lists hope to fully  first choice. If you don’t understand technology and don’t want to go through too much trouble, then Shopify will be a better choice for facebook or other paid traffic channels that concentrate traffic acquisition channels. However, because of the free feature, the number resources are loot in large quantities. At present, most of the free verification numbers cannot complete the verification of Google Voice.