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In history – 11 years of work in senior positions in such giants of the consulting industry and the banking sector as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and Renaissance Capital; teaching at the university; participation in international conferences on project management; several years of curatorial work in a business incubator. CO-TRAINERS Dasha KapitonovaThis is Daria Kapitonova. Daria is a social mia practitioner and a student of Damir Khalilov. Daria is excellent at promoting communities in social networks without budgets. Today is the first part.The demand was check by me, the audience was studi in practice – on several streams of the course and in individual work.

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I quickly came up with its concept and structure, bas on the following factors: Narrow specialization is the basis of the project, this will set us apart from competitors. But it’s not enough. At the trainings, I see that copywriter moms are far from concern only with the skills of writing texts. There are many organizational, domestic issues. Often there is a feeling of “I’m all alone” and “everyone is so Germany Email List successful, but nothing works out for me.” I decid to make a project in which, in addition to training, we will talk about how difficult it is to work at home. No, I’m not crazy. I know that “People eat” promises of magic pills and stories freelancing. But I also know about the disappointments that overtake those who have eaten this most magical pill.

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Because working from home is really hard.

No, of course, I do not have the goal of intimidating everyone.  This is how it is written about it on the main page of the site This is how it is written about it on the main page of the site One of the important messages of the project is life in balance. As a longtime freelancer, I know it’s EC Lists incribly difficult to set up a job that doesn’t cause irreparable harm to all other areas of life. Of course, if you do not work for an hour a day. Therefore, “Mama-writer” has become not just a training project, but a Center for learning, inspiration and support.

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