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Lutke has chang from an independent website seller selling snowboards to an entrepreneur selling website building software. It is also a business, but the market demand has been identifi and the sales target has chang. Lutke’s story also inspir me a lot. This is also one of the reasons why I decid to jump out of the solidifi thinking of cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border entrepreneurship is not limit to cross-border e-commerce, cross-border i-platforms, and cross-border independent websites. There are also many different ways to start a business. Find out the nes and target markets, and you can also find the most suitable way to start a business.

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Programming, you can transform to develop a website building system like Lutke. Interestingly, the founder of helium10 has a similar experience. The distance from the develop countries in the world is not even a star. Today, the success of Shopify, China’s cheap goods Finland Email List have play a very large role. But a few years ago, when European and American sellers took advantage of China’s cheap goods and  water. The vast majority of Chinese sellers have never heard of Shopify. For a long time, Chinese sellers have not been the most important customers of Shopify.

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Employees in the Chinese market. In a modest and prudent, learning attitude to learn the experience and technology of develop countries in Europe and America. He knows some strange things and still talks nonsense with his eyes open. I would like to ask all readers to EC Lists maintain independent thinking and examine various problems in the process of cross-border entrepreneurship with an attitude of examining a stick. This article summarizes these 101 frequently ask questions about cross-border entrepreneurship to help you sort out the various problems that you may encounter in cross-border entrepreneurship.

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