Katya has years of corporate training

Therefore, curators appear who have experience in marketing and business no less than mine. To be honest, I am very proud that I was able to get these people on my team. This is Ekaterina Grokholskaya.EkaterinaGrokholskaya Katya has been in business for 17 years. She has three projects: the Balloon Flight active recreation agency, the Free Flight aeronautical enterprise, and the young consulting agency Nachalnik.  and 4 years of offline consulting for small businesses. In addition, she is the winner of the Guerrilla Marketing Award Guerrilla of the Year 2013.

How I lur her to the training is a secret But now

Katya agre to lead the third group with me. And also our curator is a master of sports, a balloon pilot, one of the first women aeronautical pilots and the absolute champion of Russia in aeronautics. Outside of work, Katya is a mother of three, recently built a house in a village near Guyana Email List Moscow and lives there with her large family. He is fond of nelework and farming, with pleasure he makes preparations for the winter and stores them in a new cellar.To get to know Katya better, read her articles on our website ( one , two , three , four ). Katya oversees projects relat to going offline. Plus, if you know who a “scanner” (“chaotic”) is and if this is you, you are also welcome to Katya.

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Masha kAnd this is Maria Kochkarina Masha, of course is

Also an entrepreneur – the author of an online project. Masha is a financial manager by ucation, a business consultant with experience and a strategist. Shortly before Masha went on her second maternity leave, she became a certifi marketer. At the same time, she began to make her EC Lists own Internet project about management in all its manifestations, including marketing. At that time, Masha came to me for the Marketing from the Basics training and impress me with how quickly and accurately she systematizes and applies information, how many ideas she has, and how well she gives feback to other participants in pair and group work.

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