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Of course, we want to help everyone, so we talk about different areas and interview different experts. They sometimes even work in different cities. Different branches, and even 200 people is a lot, and often they communicate in some small groups. Evgenia makes a service for companies that helps to unite employees – and people begin to see each other, to perceive themselves in a different way even within the framework of their own company.

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Companies, but within the community of entrepreneurs, we want people who work for themselves and are passionate about their business to show each other that we are all here, we are the same community that is now being form very actively, and we can support and inspire each other. And even just from the fact that there are people Until you get to the point where there is a response, a lot of time and effort will be spent! There are monetization ideas. They are being work out, but it is Turks and Caicos Islands Email List still difficult to say something concrete. That’s when we start monetizingthen we will interview you again, but we will come with other questions! Yes! Then I’ll tell you what work, what didn’t work. Ideas, thoughts and plans are one thing, and implementation is another. Are you currently promoting the project, advertising it? We want to try this story: to advance without investment.

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There is some sporting interest in this direction

Let’s see what happens. Maybe even a good case. for example, evgenia  her promotion, while the. Business is going great, there are orders, and this is EC Lists enough for her. This means that this story is real, working, which means that we can try to promote not only a business that produces real physical things in this way, but we will also try

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