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What is the value of such an approach? There is such a pathetic expression “To change the world.” but if you look at this phrase calmly, without pathos, then it is precisely this kind of entrepreneurship, bas on the values ​​that we are talking about in this interview, that is changing the world. And this trend is pick up by people with completely different views on life, with different experiences.There is confidence in me and an understanding that training or consultation will give incomparably more and faster than just reading articles. And here comes the decision to go to study or for a consultation. In this scenario, it is desirable to separate ucational and selling content.

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Example, can scare away a consultation. I chose a sales system in several steps: just content (ideally with a newsletter subscription), free events, early listings, then an invitation to a training. Of course, in this case, it also makes sense to promote the content using social networks, magazines, partner sites, and so on – just to increase the audience. Algorithm4 working with content for Belize Email List those who “just look” and more random purchases at first I did not include them in this article, but then I decid to add them. Many businesses have entire segments that make spontaneous purchases. This is when you just pass by, suddenly saw, want, bought.

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Advertising in places where the target audience is concentrat is important (remember that it is not looking for a product, but just hanging out somewhere) and content that will sell quickly , as in the case of “dental treatment”. Take an online clothing store. We, women, sometimes spontaneously beautiful photos on the site work for us. If among the buyers of an online store there are those EC Lists who “build a house”, for example, they are working on creating their own style in order to update their wardrobe later, then the store nes informational “helping” and engaging content. Of course, we understand that all people are different and act differently.

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