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In fact, among those who want their own home, there are those who initially act according to the “just look” principle, and those who plan a visit to the dentist in six months may well use the “build a house” principle. I just gave conditional names to different algorithms. One of my clients wrote that it was these examples that help her understand and make the difficult decision to stop blogging that she had already start. How do your clients make decisions? Is one of my examples suitable for them, or do they gohow to combine handmade projects of different levels in one place.

Interview with the author of handmade runet

Daria nasibulina january 28, 2017 business , interview , interesting , website promotion we often talk about projects where the authors create a product with their own hands. They are creative people, and it is especially difficult for them to deal with issues of promotion, advertising, and sales. But you still ne to generate ideas for new products. And for about 10 years there has been a service Western Sahara Email List portal for support and assistance to handicraft projects – “handicraft runet” . Its creator and permanent leader daria nasibulina will tell today how her journey began and how the portal for nelework masters is progressing, which has no analogues in the russian-speaking network space. Dariya_nasibullina daria, tell us how, with what steps did the project begin.

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What was the main stimulus for its creation

Handmade runet appear almost 10 years ago and, in fact, became a logical  crocheting. In those days, there were not so many online resources dicat to nelework, especially in the blog format. Professionally, I have always been connect with information technology and publishing, and my EC Lists favorite hobby has always been knitting, and that’s where it all start. At that time, I actively participat in thematic conferences and forums, I remember many well-known masters now from the marya the artisan conference, the melissa forum (later it became the hobbyportal) and the osinki club.

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