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If you are engag in the business of Taobao, Tmall and JD. just do what you are good at. There are many differences between cross-border e-commerce and domestic e-commerce. Switching from domestic e-commerce to cross-border e-commerce is equivalent to starting from scratch. More importantly, after getting us to the domestic e-commerce business, it is easy to get into trouble if you use the domestic e-commerce thinking to start cross-border business. Just focus on doing what you are good at. Should I choose a platform or a stand-alone site? In most cases, I would recommend the combination of platforms and independent stations to carry out cross-border e-commerce business.

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Platform and accurate traffic, and the independent station has the advantages of an independent station, which is independent and controllable. If you don’t have any cross-border e-commerce experience, you can consider choosing a platform or an independent station to start, accumulate some experience, and then gradually develop to the platform and independent station simultaneously. To put it simply, if you have strong hands-on ability, can Benin WhatsApp Number List control the overall situation, and are not afraid of tossing, an independent station is the best choice. If you know nothing about the cross-border e-commerce industry and lack active learning and hands-on ability, you can start to accumulate experience from the platform, learn about product selection, and understand logistics and various policies and regulations. Which platform is better.

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Without a doubt Amazon is the only platform

I would recommend. It is undeniable that Amazon itself also has a lot of negative information, and it is also very helpless. Of course, although the capital inflow brought by cross-border e-commerce is the highest cross-border entrepreneurial industry, most of these  profit. What’s more interesting is that some of the content is from foreigners a few years ago. Play the rest. Being brought to China to share, it has become a secret to the success of EC Lists cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce or domestic e-commerce? We only talk about cross-border business here. Domestic e-commerce is not what we are good at, and we don’t have much interest in it.For small and mium sellers, they are more concern about the profit part.

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