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Don’t worry about payment management as well. Sending passwords or private information Signature of documents or contracts reminders appointment reminders Payment or non-payment remifunds are product sales revenue, not purenders notifications Pickup Notifications subscription notifications Certifi notifications with legal validity Sending statuses of an order Sending the tracking or monitoring of a shipment or package Communication of units without stock or back in stock. Sending app download links Communication of abandon online carts Obtaining information Ratings or reviews Satisfaction survey Obtaining opt-in or consents Sending forms for confirmation or data entry. alarms Computer errors or incidents (servers) Alert for disasters or incidents Loyalty.

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Greeting Bells Sending discount codes Communication of new collections, products Discount periods or special days (Black Friday) 2. They will use a very useful communication channel due to its compatibility and deliverability (98%). 3. In many cases they will save costs by using effective communication such as rucing no-shows in Bolivia WhatsApp Number List booking appointments, saving on phone calls or rucing communication during repairs. These are just two examples of the potential benefits that SMS can bring to end users. 4. Your clients will improve their communication and therefore the treatment they give to their clients or users and thus they will be able to retain them.

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Satisfaction and an increase in the customer base. How do I integrate my software? Through our SMS API it is possible to send and send SMS campaigns easily and quickly. We have different API versions ( POST JSON , GET , POST XML , Mail2SMS , WebService , etc.) to facilitate integration. And all of them comply with security standards and provide all the necessary functionality for a complete SMS integration. Bas on our experience, basic integration takes a few hours of development. Normally less than 1 working day of a programmer. However, you EC Lists must prepare your software, if you have not already done so, for all the possibilities that the SMS channel can offer you.

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