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Communication into your management software. It will become a more complete platform, while offering services that directly benefit your customers and end users. So both parties will win. Who may be interest in integrating with LabsMobile? All software companies that develop management or vertical applications for various sectors such as: Software for the health sector: clinics, hospitals, private practices, dentists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, psychologists, mutuals, etc. Software for temporary employment agencies Software for aesthetic centers and hairdressers Software for law firms Software for gyms, centers and sports facilities loyalty software.

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Computer systems Ticket and security management software Management software for catering, hospitality and tourism: hotels, restaurants, etc. Ecommerce software for online sales Software for real estate and property managers Community and cluster management software Software for the training sector: academies, schools, universities, etc. Retail Belgium WhatsApp Number List software: fashion, accessories and small businesses Management software for repairs: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, computers, household appliances You want to know more? Contact us . Advantages of integrating with LabsMobile Your software will expand its functionalities and will be more attractive to your customers. You will have one of the best communication channels in many use cases.

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Connectivity and complexity of the SMS world. The messages will simply be sent and we will be there for any query or incident. You will be able to obtain income for each SMS that your clients send . As? through two business models: re-invoicing or through commissions. Summary, advantages and disadvantages of each model Model rebill commissions EC Lists Summary Buy SMS from LabsMobile and sell them to your customers. Recommend LabsMobile to your clients and earn a commission. Drawbacks – You must issue invoices to customers for their SMS traffic.

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