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How to come to bloggers with a request for advertising on instagram, are there any application forms or just a direct message? You can write in direct, you can email, the most daring ones decide to call if the phone number is indicat in the profile. All options are good and work, you can choose your own. Sincerely recommending your product is the best way to start word of mouth. Sincerely recommending your product is the best way to start word of mouth. Do you have a  small company or one person whovisual storytelling – what is it and how to use it in.

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Visual and audio content , interesting , advertising we love stories since childhood. And not only because of the entertainment component. With the help of an interesting narrative, children’s fairy tales instill in us important life principles and virtues. In general, any important information is much easier and faster to digest if serv under the sauce of a lively Norway Phone Number List interesting story. “why not use it in promotion?” thought the marketers. And they began to use it. And the name was given – storytelling. Today with us is the head of the first storytelling studio, elizaveta vikulova.

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Use stories in marketing, but also about visual storytelling, a growing tool for interacting with customers. Some promotional products get lost in the information noise. A large number of advertising messages are often creat in vain, because potential customers either do not see messages address to them at all, or their involvement in EC Lists advertising is very low. How to make sure that your advertising and any other messages reach the mind of the viewer? I will talk about such a fashionable now term as storytelling.

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