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Surprise 6 after launch, all its on boomstarter are made by the project manager. And these its turn out to be very “original”: there was no first. Word in the project description (imagine opening the project, and there is no first word there!), the pictures were flatten and not align. By the way! Another surprise for me was that before the launch there was a long, long coordination of the project with the head of boomstarter (through the manager), sending a paper contract by mail, providing a mia plan to the management of boomstarter … Not surprise 7 of course, there were a lot of mistakes.

It turn out that there is also a platform that is in

Demand more than boom started I didn’t Check it thoroughly, because the “train left” anyway. The preparation was, of course, insufficient. It was necessary to agree in advance with groups of mothers, with friends about reposts. Prepare press releases in advance, compile lists of potential partners more than 5-10 times. As always, the new year suddenly came, and in early october I realiz that I ne to launch on november 1 so that the project would be complet in early december and there would be time to send everything before the new year. It’s a pity, of course, that we didn’t manage to raise the requir amount: with the available funds, we will be able to.

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Weekly, as previously plann and we will have to cut the age range for the time being: instead of 0+, sets will be from 3 to 6 years old ( or maximum – from 2 to 7 years). The main thing is that what is written reflects the essence of the picture and contains keywords. For example, “How to find all mia files in the wordpress console”. Filling in the main image attributes fill in the main attributes of the image the “Description” field allows you to specify more EC Lists detail information about the file – expand the title. Filling out is not requir. In the display settings, you can specify alignment – the position of the file in the text.

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