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Why he promis is not clear. Surprise 4 in groups for moms in social networks, admins do not respond. At all. Well, well, one in 20 answers – and usually nothing pleasant. Surprise 5 those with whom we agre on information partnership and that we place their banner and logo, and they ours, in fact post our information only a few weeks after we post their information. Some didn’t post at all.And if necessary, chose by topic. Or by technique. And I just dream of a special child’s leisure glider: I made a list of cool activities for a month, and when once again you realize that lego-paints-plasticine-razor-glue is tir, you open this list – and voila! – a bunch of new ideas for games.

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Example, of culinary recipes, but not in children’s subjects. So I decid to make such a site on my own. play plan play set as for game sets, yes, there are several similar projects, but again, either all sets are devot to one technique, or they are releas in only three or four topics. And we change the theme of the sets every month, and the composition includes games of different types: mobile, logical, creative, ucational. We thought over our kits so that the child develops harmoniously – physically, intellectually, emotionally. Where do you find the ideas for the kits, is there a pagogical approach that dominates them? Now we are working with professional.

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Recruitment plans for topics and ages. Our idea is to cover different methods so that parents and children can get acquaint with different developmental options. Somay I’ll tell you separately on the play plan pages about our wonderful methodologists! How did the project get start? Who help you? What problems, difficulties had to be solv? I will not tell you the long history of combining caring for a baby, a 3-year-old daughter, managing an EC Lists internet agency and creating a new project from scratch. And I’d rather tell you about the launch of the project on boomstarter. As usual, a business plan, drawn up at the very beginning, began to differ more and more from reality as it work.

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