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So, let’s begin! Step 1. Choose a domain name let’s start building a wordpress site by looking for a domain name! Coming up with a name for your site is not easy. Most of the short and catchy domains are taken. To check the name for availability for registration, you can use a special online service . Checking the history of a domain name. Domain is busy checking the history of a domain name. For example, a domain will cost an average of 140 rubles a year. Now you ne to wait a bit, the registration process takes 2-6 hours.

Domain name registration domain name registration

Step 4install wordpress option 1. Install from your personal account on the hosting provider’s website. Most hosts have pre-install cms. Therefore, we go into application management, select from several propos wordpress engines and click the “install” button. Immiately after that, contact Romania Phone Number List information for entering your site (link, login, password) appears. Option 2. Download from the developer’s site and install. If the provider you have chosen does not have a pre-install cms, then the distribution kit can be download from the site yourself.

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Server (in your personal account on the provider’s website), come up with a username and password, and proce to install the engine. Congratulations, your wordpress site has been creat! Let’s start launching it. Step 5set up wordpress and install core plugins we go to the site EC Lists control panel (admin panel) using the login and password from the previous step. We find the “settings” section on the left and proce to fill in the requir fields. Console of your site basic site settings: general . The most important thing is to specify the name and a brief description of the site.

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