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Domain is free general recommendations for choosing a domain name: choose a name that matches the name of the project as closely as possible. A short, memorable name is recommend, without dots, dashes, underscores, and complex combinations of letters. Study in detail the history of using the domain name (if any) so that there is no negative scenario for search engines. It is better to buy a previously unus domain. Step 2. Choose a hosting provider a hosting provider is an organization that provides space for your website on its server. In essence, hosting is the home of your website. There are paid and free hosting. But for a business card site, it is better to choose the first option.

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Average of 100 rubles per month. There are special services that help you choose the most suitable provider for your requirements by collecting user reviews and technical specifications. For example, such as hostobzor , pingadmin , etc. But if you don’t have the time and desire to Senegal Phone Number List study the ratings of we have propos: timeweb , beget or sprinthost . These are domestic providers with good reviews and high ratings. Step 3. Register hosting and domain register on the website of the hosting provider. We choose a tariff plan. To get start, it is better to give preference to the cheapest tariff, its capabilities.

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We fill in personal information: an individual or legal entity, full name, passport details, contacts. We indicate exactly all the data, since the domain will be register to the specifi person. We replenish the balance. This is necessary to pay for the provider’s services and EC Lists further registration of the domain name. We register a domain. To do this, go to the appropriate section on the provider’s website. Enter the domain name and click the “Register” button. The corresponding amount will be debit from your account. The price depends on the chosen domain zone.

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