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Different ages. I know people who are in their 40s and have been employ before. And they leave their jobs and open their own business. This is an absolutely conscious decision, it does not happen by chance, it is not the circumstances that have develop this way – they themselves came to this. Yevgenia gromova in the workline group – they are very serious guys – conduct research on age. And so she says that today, for a certain part of people, the perception of themselves at a certain age is no longer what it us to be, many are full of strength and energy far beyond.

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Speak the same language, and people over 60 can have interests, and activity at the level of 30-year-olds. This is one example of the fact that the world is constantly changing, and you ne to constantly look around to notice these changes. The world has chang so much now that Qatar Phone Number List everything has become very flexible, very fluid. And a person himself can make his life bright, rich and interesting.  provide yourself with what you ne in material and spiritual terms, this is precisely the “sneaker business”. This is such an interesting conversation when you invite someone who is on the same wavelength with you to visit.

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System, nastya talks about the specific practical experience of free businessmen. Are you familiarOn facebook, readers come to me not even for marketing, but for moral support. And then a certain critical mass of information accumulates. “? The fact that people are engag in their business and want to receive joy from it. And they receive. They want to lead a certain way of life. And they lead. For them, business is not only equal to money. For them, business is also self-realization, a certain way EC Lists of life, the joy of what you do, the freom that you have thanks to this. And of course, such entrepreneurs want to be useful for the world, for customers. There is no such thing: made, sold, and what’s next is not important. A completely new way of thinking is being form.

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