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We did not even guess about it, since in our own vocabulary the meaning was different. Of course, this name was not shown to the client. The second example is from krasnodar. Some time ago, a jewelry store with the name “Zolotar” work there.Guid by the law, the owner of the pioneering company can demand from other companies a ban on the use of “his” name and their subsequent re-registration with a different name. This situation is almost impossible if your brand and trade names are different. Let’s say there is a travel agency “Fortuna”, which also has a legal entity call “Fortune”, and they were the first to register this name in the tax office.

Then you appear register LLC Fortuna

Which also works in the field of tourism, but on the plates, website and business cards you have the following: travel agency “Lucky case”. In this situation, the first “Fortuna” most likely will not come to you with a demand to rename – you do not mislead its customers, which means that there are no complaints against you. In rospatent, things are stricter, but in some ways it is clearer: if one trademark in the field of tourism “fortune” is register, then Israel Phone Number List the second same mark can no longer appear. But no one forbids another travel agency to work under this  first fortune sues the second for the misuse of someone else’s trademark.

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Sometimes it turns into multimillion lawsuits

It is better not to hope that you are lucky and no one will touch you. They may not touch, or they may sue: a dissatisfi client, an envious competitor, any other person who is not indifferent to copyright and knows the laws. We advise you to think about EC Lists this when developing your name. Mistake 5. There is no clear positioning, understanding of your product and audience such errors, fortunately, are rare, but you can’t do without them.

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