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Printing documents printersooner or later, you will definitely ne to print something from your smartphone, which means connecting a printer. If you suddenly cannot do this via wi-fi, bluetooth or usb, you can use the google cloud print cloud service. It works on the same principle as google docs: from a mobile device, the document goes to the cloud, and then the chrome browser sends it to print. This can be done with any printer, as long as there is a computer permanently connect to the internet. But if you’re also the owner of a cloud ready printer, you can print documents directly from anywhere with an internet connection.

All at once what if you ne to connect both a

Keyboard and a monitor, and something else at once? You will ne an otg adapter (on-the-go – a feature that simplifies usb connection – . ) and a usb hub (usb connection splitter – . ) with several ports. We insert the connector from the keyboard into one, into the other – the mouse, into the third – the printer. The possibilities are limit only by the number Kenya Phone Number List of usb inputs, the performance of the mobile device and the capacity of the battery. Without a computer at all? Software developers for mobile devices have been struggling for several years to create an operating system that peripherals to a smartphone and use it instead of a pc.

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One of the successful attempts is microsoft’s

Continuum technology . The phone docks and the familiar windows interface appears on the big screen. All the applications you ne to work are already install. In this case, the phone can be us for its intend purpose – for calls. Unfortunately, the technology is only available for gadgets on the windows 10 mobile platform. But don’t be discourag: the maru system has been develop for nexus phone owners, and owners of android smartphones and tablets can EC Lists try the andromium os program. The idea is the same – to make it convenient and efficient to work on a smartphone connect to a large screen.

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