Trust and helps to sell more, but in some cases

Mistake 2. Use in the title the initials, names, surnames of the owners where it is inappropriate many people want to perpetuate their data in the name of the company. But a personaliz business can be for those who already have a personal brand, who are known as a specialist in this field, or who are the successor to a dynasty well-known in their field . Good examples: tinkoff bank, solovyov’s winery, nina ruchkina’s fashion house. A personal brand builds fac not with a personal brand, but with the desire of the business owner to go the easy way.

There are pleasant exceptions here

When the name of the initials sounds pleasant and corresponds to the goals of the business, for example, the online store of children’s clothing and handmade toys “Baluvi” (baluvi are the initials of the store owner). But “tatiana” is not the best name for a beauty salon, because it will not help to stand out among competitors, will not create a certain Jordan Phone Number List level of trust (which tatiana exactly?), it will forever consolidate the association that this is a “near-the-home” hairdressing salon. Mistake 3. Trust only your horizons a very dangerous mistake, since the volume of all our knowlge is much less than the amount of information that exists around us.

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Do you think that the word has a positive

Connotation, does not have hidden meanings and slang meanings? That’s great, but check google to see if that’s the case. I will give two examples, one from my own practice. Quite recently, we have been developing a name for a currently popular entertainment — reality quests. Among others, there was the name “achtung!”, which means “attention!” in german, but we are still accustom to giving it the meaning of some kind of force majeure, a EC Lists crisis state from which you ne to get out as soon as possible, because “this is a complete achtung!”. In this sense, this is a great name for quests.

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