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At first, she want an advertising budget. But we decid: let’s try, nothing prevents us from doing this now. Right? You know, we had entrepreneurs visiting us who also don’t do paid advertising at all. That is, this is such native marketing: it is built on good content that catches, and on a cool product that people ne. Yes, if you bring value, then people will still talk about you, they will learn about you, new customers will come to you. We do not have the goal of simply quickly gathering a millionth audience, but which is actually “not ours”, which just happen to visit the site … Although, of course, I would like to. I am an impatient person – sooner, sooner results! In fact, it is much better to go systematically, taking thoughtful steps, and then an do.

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With natalia frankel on facebook for a fee. The coverage is large, but the views are few. And when promoting, as you say, by native methods, the coverage of the same interview is much less, and there are much more views. Because then it is seen by people who ne it, who are interest in it, this is the audience for which we work. For me personally, the biggest point of such a promotion is that you do Uganda Phone Number List not “buy attention”, but you really earn it, you deserve it, and this person then stays with you. Despite the fact that our target audience is people who are open, interest, they will find us one way or another, because the world is small.

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Useful and interesting to each other! Therefore, for the time being, there is no point in accelerating this process with the help of advertising. By the way, we talk about this in detail in an interview with varvara lyalyagina, she herself is a journalist and blogger and teaches other creative entrepreneurs how to promote their business with the help of a blog. And varvara repeat a very important idea EC Lists several times: such a promotion does not happen quickly, and you don’t ne to check whether the potato has grown right away, you ne to wait until it grows. And you do everything right: care for – we – water.

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