With clients in ne of serious psychiatric care

Conversations with injur patients these are the most simple, effective and safe methods in psychotherapy. At the same time, they allow deep enough and fast enough (5-7 years are not ne, as in psychoanalysis) to identify the causes of psychological problems and solve them. How do people find out about you now? Where do clients come from? Basically, of course, word of mouth, but they also come from practical courses. Often psychology students who know me and can’t handle it on their own refer difficult clients.

Some clients came from facebook

It must be difficult to create a stable flow of customers from scratch? How to become a psychotherapist to whom clients come? The most important thing here is inner confidence in your professionalism, you ne to understand well what you can and what not. Being a “Doctor for Country Email List all diseases” is completely impossible. At the very beginning of psychotherapeutic practice, it is better not to work: with drug addicts;  and/or who are on long-term drug therapy; with small children (up to 7 years old), if you are not familiar with the specifics of working with them.

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For starters, this can be work at school,

Teaching at a university (psychological topics, of course), work as a personnel psychologist in the police or the ministry of emergencies, and auxiliary work at trainings in psychological centers. That is, some basic work that will allow you to combine it with private practice. This approach will allow you to gain experience and have enough income to live on. Then at some point you realize that you can work completely on your own or in a group of psychologists and psychotherapists organiz by EC Lists you and your colleagues. However, the most important source of clients is your current or former clients, whom you have help and who without any hesitation recommend you as a specialist to other people.

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