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It would seem that I was absolutely not up to it: my youngest daughter is only a couple of months old, the agency has a lot of orders (while in the maternity hospital, I sign contracts with two new clients by phone). But! Don’t miss the idea! As long as the point and the point, as if someone will already do what I plann, and will it ever be easier? We must take and do! The network already has similar resources where you can find what and how to do with a child of any age. There are also services for creating game sets. How are you different from both in each of these areas? No matter how much I search, I did not find a complete catalog of all the games and activities in the world.

Each time it is either a selection article

What to do with a two-year-old child or games of a specific methodology, or a professional portal for ucators / teachers. And I always want to see a service with a convenient interface for selecting activities in a few clicks: you indicat the age, the develop skill – and you see a large list of suitable games. And now, after almost half a year of work, my partner and I realiz that that’s it – the budget is over (they have already scrap the bottom of the barrel), we cannot endlessly invest our own time either. What to do? Where to get money for the development of the project.

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We did not want to look for a sponsor

An investor – these are immiately stringent obligations and the likelihood of fraud. At some point, I remember crowdfunding and thought: “why not?” from somewhere I remember well the boomstarter site , probably because of bevan ( an inflatable sofa – . ), who collect there 3 times more than it was necessary, and some mikhalkov films, which also EC Lists collect a large sum there . I went in, read the conditions – in general, it’s very good. Commissions are only huge: 6% is taken by the site, 6% by the bank, by tax, if you register everything as an individual.

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