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We agre with friends and acquaintances that they would make the first orders, “So that the emptiness does not frighten those who want to support us.” we found an investor among friends who was ready to invest 50,000 rubles in our project on boomstarter – again, so that others would be more willing to support us. We made lists of groups of moms in social networks  about the project. We had three photo shoots of our kits – one even in the studio in a lightbox (luminous box) under cool lenses. We made a shooting script, gather small actors, prepar texts and shot a video. We prepar our own social networks, website, description on boomstarter, photo, etc.

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Plan of negotiations with potential investors of the play plan project and launch a campaign on boomstarter I would call this part “Play plan in crowdfunding or the story of one failure” surprise 1 of the 150 who left an application for information partnership, only 15 people answer me the next day. It would seem that they themselves unsubscrib! Take the time to write a comment. Why don’t they answer? I had to make a sign: mark when, to whom and what I wrote, who and what answer, to whom and when to remind where and what to send.

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As a result, out of 150 people who register

They manag to talk to about 100 people. But what an effort it was worth! Surprise 2 of the friends with whom we agre that they would buy our kits (and support the project), and there were no fewer than 15 people, only two order. One is my friend and one is my partner’s friend. All. And some promis to order 5 sets at once. By the way, my friend and EC Lists masha’s friend, if you are reading this now, thank you! You are real friends! Surprise 3 in fact, it turn out that the investor would not give us any money.

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