Relationship Marketing what it is and how to apply it in

One of the main questions to ask about this strategy is: what is the purpose of relationship marketing? First, conquering new customers and increasing the number of sales are common goals for any company. And to achieve these goals, various promotional actions are out to attract this public: participation in events, promotion on social networks, TV commercials, etc. However, with each passing day the competition is increasingly fierce, regardless of the area of ​​activity, requiring companies to do more than just publicize their products. Currently, it is essential to think of strategies that do more than attract new customers. Strategies that are able to retain the customers already by the company and generate promoters for your brand. And to help companies in the process of customer loyalty, Relationship Marketing was born .

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What is Relationship Marketing? What are the advantages of Relationship Marketing ? How to implement Relationship Marketing in your company Main Customer Metrics to measure the success of Relationship. ​​The biggest mistakes to avoid in Relationship Marketing​ Strategies to Optimize Relationship Conclusion What is Relationship Marketing? We can define the concept Brazil Phone Number Data of Relationship Marketing as a strategy that aims to create and maintain a close relationship between the company and its customers. This involves all actions taken by the organization to keep its public loyal and in constant interaction with the company. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to carry out a series of actions to delight its customers and, with this, gain the trust of each one of them to the point of becoming loyal customers .

The main objective of a relationship marketing

Strategy is to generate loyal customers who, because they believe and trust your company’s solutions, start to act. As lawyers or defenders of the brand , recommending it to friends and acquaintances and even defending it in some cases. situations when necessary. What are the advantages of Relationship Marketing? We have seen that the purpose of relationship. Marketing is EC Lists not to sell… Not that this is not a consequence of this strategy. In addition to helping in the customer loyalty process, reducing costs in your organization, Relationship Marketing is able to help the company in several other aspects. Through a close relationship with your customers, your company will be. Able to collect constant feedback on your products and services, thus allowing for continuous improvement. By correcting errors and optimizing processes, the quality of your.

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