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Poor english? Take a look at Chen Fei’s English ability. Improvement road to help you find an effective way to learn English We will take WordPress and Google as the main research objects and discuss all the factors that can improve website spe and improve Google search ranking. Add directory navigation Let’s see what Google says : First, ensure that long. Multi-topic pages on your site are well-structur and broken into distinct logical sections. Second, ensure that each section has an associat anchor. With a descriptive name (ie, not just “Section 2.1”), and that. your page includes a “table of contents” which links to the individual anchors.

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Multi-topic pages on your site are well-structur and divid into different logical sections. Second, make sure each section has an associat anchor with a descriptive. Name (ie, not just “Section 2.1”), but. That you also include a “Table of Contents” on your page that links to the individual anchors. Why put this table of contents navigation as the first item of content: Long-form content VP Engineering Email Lists is encourag (aim for 3,000+ words) People can link to specific parts of your post. People can browse content and find what they’re looking for People will click around on the page (good for SEO) Chances of getting a jump.

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Following keywords in Google, and the search results. Will refer to the anchor links in the article, which can give the website more opportunities to jump and visit. Rank Math Tutorial WordPress SEO Plugin User Guide Pro $59/Year $76 How to create html directory anchor links for content 1. Create a directory link. The id in the link corresponds to a unique value and points to the corresponding EC Lists content below: 2. Create content, create the corresponding content below. According to the previous directory id, and realize the fast jump of the anchor link.

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