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With this plugin, you no longer ne to manually create code, just apply the first-level title, second-level title, and third-level title to the corresponding paragraph title in the article itor, that is, H1, H2, and H3, and the anchor will be automatically enabl Link. In this way, more than 10-100 visits can be brought to the website every day. Now, whenever I write a long-form tutorial, I outline it in a table of contents guide. This method not only helps readers to read, is good for SEO optimization, but also makes your work more organiz.

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Guide Pro Let Google Crawl Your Site Immiately With the Google Indexing API , any website owner can tell Google directly when pages are add or remov. This allows Google to clean up pages and schule new crawls in a timely manner, resulting in better user traffic. Google: We VP Media Email Lists recommend using the Indexing API instead of a sitemap, as the Indexing API prompts Googlebot to crawl your pages faster than updating your sitemap and then pinging Google. However, we still recommend that you submit a sitemap so that Google can fully crawl your entire site.

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Specific webpage to be includ in Google faster (maybe 1-2 hours), then Google Indexing API will be a good helper. Using this approach can give you a head start on your competition, which is crucial when it comes to time-sensitive competitive content. However, the setup process is not easy, you can read the official technical documentation of Google Index Api , but I recommend you to EC Lists complete it with the help of the operation guide of Rank Math SEO official blog . Of course, I have also practic in the Chinese interface many times, you can refer to my operation steps to enable such a quick collection function.

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